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Why are Chimney Sweeps Considered Lucky?

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They are many legends that are associated with the luck of sweeps. One such legend says that the life of William the Conqueror was saved when a chimney sweep pushed him out of the path of a runaway horse and wagon. The chimney sweep was invited to King Williams daughters wedding and have been considered lucky ever since. Just as the legend with King George, it is said that King William awarded the sweep the right to wear a top hat in appreciation of the heroic act, a privilege reserved for the aristocracy.


Another legend states that a chimney sweep had fallen from the roof in the service of his duties and was hanging from the gutter. A young maiden saved his life, pulling him down and into the house. They fell in love and were wed.


Both legends now indicate that its good luck to have a chimney sweep at your wedding, so some couples hire a sweep to attend. Even today, chimney sweeps are hired to give a good luck toast at the wedding, blessing the bride and groom.


Anytime you see a chimney sweep, especially after he has cleaned your flue, lore says you will have lots of good luck if you shake his hand, touch his buttons, kiss him or blow a kiss to him. The chimney sweep, Bert, in Mary Poppins sings, Good luck will rub off when I shakes ands with you. Or blow me a kiss and thats lucky too!







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