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Why Choose Tactical Gun Cleaning Tool Kits?

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Why Choose Tactical Gun Cleaning Tool Kits?

(1) This tactical rifle pistol gun cleaning tool-kit includes 3 Brushes and 6 Picks. Each spray gun cleaning kit includes 3 brushes and 6 picks. The three types of double-ended brushes are brass, steel, and nylon. Five spray gun cleaning picks are made of stainless steel and one is made of nylon. These multi-material brushes have a versatile cleaning function, both large and small heads can be used to clean various hard-to-reach spaces.

(2) The double-ended pick is ideal for scraping dirt and residue from hard-to-reach places. Soft nylon brushes and brass brushes are essential tools for cleaning all equipment. Steel brushes can be used in special situations. Picks with multiple sharps: Double-ended picks of different shapes are ideal for scraping dust and residues from hard-to-reach places.

(3) The stainless steel tip is sharp and hard, and can easily remove carbon deposits. Nylon picks are ideal for light cleaning and preventing scratches on the gun surface. Also includes an 8 inches x 3.3 inches x 1-inch storage bag. The carrying bag with an elastic ring helps to organize the pistol cleaning tools in an orderly manner.

Built with durability and safety in mind.

Only top quality brass and bronze tips.

Small size, easy to carry case bag that helps to save space.

You can relax and enjoy the cleaning, these tools will not break or get stuck in your barrel







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