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What pipe-cleaning brush accessories are available?

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The accessories available for pipe-cleaning brushes increase the reach of the brush or ease of use. Not all brushes are designed to take accessories so, if you want a more versatile brush, consider one with a threaded or shank end and purchasing a variety of accessories.

Stem extensions

Stem extensions are available for pipe-cleaning brushes that have a threaded end on their stem instead of a handle.

Most extensions are 1 metre (3 feet and 3inches) long but you can join extensions together to form even longer stems in the same way chimney and flue brush rods can be joined together.


Handle attachments are available for pipe-cleaning brushes that have a threaded end on their stem.

A wire loop handle with a stiff steel shaft that screws onto the stem of a pipe-cleaning brush makes it easier to push and pull the brush, particularly inside a long pipe.


If both the handle or rod and the pipe-cleaning brush have the same type of thread, you can use an adapter to join them together.  You can also use an adaptor if you need to change the size of the thread so your pipe-cleaning brush fits your extension.

If you want to adapt your pipe-cleaning brush to fit into a power tool, adaptors are available with a shank end.

Power Tools

Some pipe-cleaning brushes can attach to power tools for non-manual cleaning. Powered brushing takes less time than manual cleaning and can be more thorough, but it can damage more fragile parts.

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