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What is a pipe brush?

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A pipe-cleaning brush is a set of bristles organised around a central stem. It is used for cleaning the inside of tubes or hard-to-reach areas of an object.

A tool of many names, pipe-cleaning brushes are also known as tube brushes, cylinder brushes, twisted brushes, pipe brushes, spiral brushes, twisted-in-wire brushes, bottle brushes and internal or interior-cleaning brushes.

Pipe-cleaning brushes come in lots of different shapes and sizes so there is always a brush for you!

Most pipe-cleaning brushes are designed to be used manuallybut some fit into power tools to tackle tougher jobs.

What is a pipe-cleaning brush used for?

Pipe-cleaning brushes are designed to clean any tube or pipe that needs sediment removed from the internal surface.

They are also used to polish and prepare the internal surface of a pipe.A wide range of shapes and sizes exist to be used in countless tasks from unblocking the kitchen cleaning copper joints in preparation for soldering to cleaning out the water filter system in your fish tank!







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