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What are pipe-cleaning brush stems and cores made of?

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The stem and core is almost always made from this material:

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel has been treated to avoid rusting. It is coated with zinc, which binds to the steel creating a non-rusting layer. The zinc layer is also more durable so it doesnt get scratched so easily and looks new for longer.

The galvanised steel wire can be bent without breaking so it can be twisted together to form the stem and core of a pipe-cleaning brush.

What are pipe-cleaning brush handles made of?

Pipe-cleaning brush handles are usually made from one of these materials:


Wood, such as beech, can be carved to make handles which are comfortable to use.

Wood is a thermal insulator so it doesnt get too hot even if you are working on a hot pipe.

Wood can sometimes be stronger than plastic but it will rot if not treated with oil or other wood preservative occasionally.

It is sometimes difficult to find out what type of wood a handle is made from but most wooden handles are made from a hardwood, such as beech.


A number of different plastics can be used to make pipe-cleaning brush handles including high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Plastics are cheaper to produce than other materials and can be moulded to produce comfortable, thermally-insulated handles. Bright colours are often used, which helps you to find them amongst other tools.

Plastics are less durable than steel and can break more easily. Some cannot withstand high temperatures.

Galvanised Steel

Steel handles are less comfortable to use than plastic or wooden handles but are much more durable.

They can cope with temperature extremes as well as water, acid and bleach.

The galvanised finish keeps the handles looking new and prevents the iron in the steel from rusting.







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