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Things to consider when choosing a gun cleaning kit

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Shopping for just about anything these days can be a blessing and a curse thanks to the internet. There are literally hundreds of gun cleaning kits to choose from and many times the reviews may be deceptive or paid advertising to promote their products.

It’s, for this reason, we decided to create this website, in order to give you clear-cut information on popular gun cleaning kits with no affiliation to any particular brand and no hidden motives. We only want to test out and review all the best gun cleaning kits to see which ones are really the best.

Caliber Sizes

One of the essential things you should consider when looking at any gun cleaning kit is the caliber. I can’t tell you how many complaints I have heard of people buying a kit and finding it will only clean one of their three guns. Don’t make this mistake and check the fine print of the kit.

Ease of Use

It’s important to become acquainted with the various components of each kit. You can spend a couple of hours reading or watch a YouTube video on your particular firearm to learn what you need to clean in properly. Using a gun vise is one of the least expensive tools that can make everything so much easier.

Tool Quality

We try to go into as much detail as possible with each gun kit we review. We take the time to watch the videos and read all the reviews, for example with the AR cleaning tools. Each tool and kit is a bit different and we carefully read through hundreds of reviews before saying something good or bad about a tool.

We have not purchased every gun kit and that would cost thousands of dollars. Nor do we have all the variety of firearms to test out each kit, so the best we can do is compare reviews from gun owner’s that have used these kits and do our best to judge them accordingly with no bias.

Case Quality

The biggest complaints are always about the case. We take this into account when reviewing all of the cleaning kits but if you really don’t like your case we review the best gun cleaning boxes and cases. If you want a good case you’re not going to get it with your kit because that would raise the price. Most people spend the money to buy a good case separately and use the carrying case for traveling or range shooting.

Warranty Policy

Before you buy be sure to check the warranty policy and length. We cover these things on this site and you will learn if you can return your kit if it breaks or you don’t like it.







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