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How to clean a chimney?

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How to clean a chimney?


Your chimney should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis,the type of wood burned and how often you use your appliance will determine how often you will need to clean it.Build up should never exceed 1/4”(6.4mm) on chimney walls.

Required equipment:

Proper sized chimney brush,drop cloth,broom,bucket and a small shovel.Chimney brush rod kit ,If needed,pull ring and lines,Protective clothing(eye protection,gloves and dusk mask),safe ladder.

Selecting the proper brush:

First measure the chimney opening so you can select the proper sized brush.An oversized brush will not improve cleaning and could become lodged in the chimney .An undersized brush will not provide enough pressure on the chimney walls for proper cleaning.


Warning:Make sure the fire is completely extinguished before cleaning,be sure the chimney is absolutely cold,be aware of hot ashes and dispose them properly.

Caution:When cleaning chimney using any method,always wear appropriate eye protection,gloves and dust mask,place a drop cloth in front of your appliance’s floor and cover all rugs and furniture near the work area,soot and corrosive debris from cleaning may cause damage,all doors and windows should be closed to prevent drafts that could carry dust to other parts of the house.The damper should be closed.Work that requires ladders and working on the roof should only be done by competent experienced individuals with proper safety precautions.For your own safety,be aware of electrical and fire hazards at all time.Use caution when handling brushes,Brush fibers can injure eyes and puncture skin.Keep brushes away form children.







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