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How to Choose Chimney Brush

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Since there is no standard fireplace chimney, before you decide which size and type of chimney brush you will need to clean your chimney you'll have to first measure the inner dimensions of your fireplace or woodstove chimney. To measure the inner dimensions of your chimney, you will need to climb up on your roof. When accessing your roof, use the proper safety equipment and use caution as you measure the inner dimensions of your chimney.

Failure to properly clean your chimney can have some serious consequences. Overtime as creosote builds up on the interior of your chimney and passes through the three stages it becomes more and more detrimental to the structure and function of your chimney and also the safety of your home and family. As creosote develops it becomes extremely flammable and could cause a major house fire. Choosing the right chimney brush and regularly inspecting and cleaning your chimney with creosote remover will reduce the risk of a devastating chimney fire and keep your chimney operating to it's greatest potential.

If you are looking for a chimney cleaning product you don't see please call us toll free at 1.877.734.2458 or email us.

How to Measure the Diameter of a Metal/Pre-Fabricated Chimney:

For metal or pre-fabricated chimneys you'll need to remove the chimney cap then measure the distance across the inner diameter of the chimney. Select either a round wire or poly brush that is the same diameter as your chimney. A Poly brush is recommended for metal chimneys since it won't scratch and wear down the inner stainless steel lining.

How to Measure the Diameter of a Masonry Chimney:

For masonry chimneys you'll need to measure the inner flue liner dimensions both directions. Buy a brush that is at least as big as your chimney liner otherwise it will not reach the side walls of your chimney and won't do an adequate job. If you buy a chimney brush that is too big then it will be harder to get down the chimney but will work unless excessively oversized. If you have an oval chimney liner then you could buy a brush as large as the rectangular dimensions would be then snip off the tines to make it oval. Some oval sized chimney brushes are available. Call us if you can't find what you need.







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