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How To Use a Bore Snake

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There’s the quick way to clean your gun (using a bore snake) and the slow thorough way (using cleaning rods). Both have their places and let’s take a look at when you should use a bore snake.

It’s recommended to give your gun a quick clean after every time you shoot.

Most people who are interested in gun cleaning kits will already know how to use a bore snake, so I won’t go into too much detail. To use a bore snake you simply add a little cleaning solvent to the first area of floss and drop the brass piece through the breach of your gun.

Then, you pull it out of the other side. 

History of the Bore Snake

You might be wondering where the bore snake comes from and when it became popular. The name “bore snake” is brand name, similar to kleenex. The military was using Hoppes #9 bore cleaner and wanted something they could use other than their cleaning rods, in order to clean their guns faster.

These small cotton string pieces of fabric (bore snakes) became standard issue in the US military in WWII, along in their gun cleaning kit. They were designed to be used when you couldn’t use your gun cleaning rods, usually due to time constraints.

The popularity in the bore snake continued to rise and other countries and police soon adopted it. It became popular with police officers and snipers as a time efficient alternative to the gun cleaning rods.

Why Use a Bore Snake Kit?

A bore snake kit is meant to be a quick way to clean your gun and not a substitute for a gun cleaning kit. The good thing about them is that they’re designed to be used with a specific barrel size. This means that it can get it very clean, while on the other hand it also means that it can’t clean other barrel sizes.

If you have ever watched the ESPN sniper competitions, you will see many of the shooters using bore snakes after they fire their guns.

This is because after each shot you fire, a small amount carbon residue builds up on your barrel. While it may only be only a fraction of a mm of carbon, it can affect the trajectory of your next bullet. Therefore, using a bore snake will most certainly improve the accuracy of your shot.

The other reason to use a bore snake is because it’s quick! While you still may encounter a few problems with your bore snake, such as choosing the wrong caliber, you really can’t go wrong.







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