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Drain rod set

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Drain rod sets

Drain pipes can become blocked for any number of reasons. Whether it is due to a fat plug, root ingress, childerns toys or even items of clothing, drain rods are a great practical way of removing these blockages. Rothenberger drain rods come in a pack of 10 which are flexible enough to go round a 90° bend. They come with a 4" rubber disc which is great for applying positive force and suction within the pipe. When used correctly, in a back and forward motion, this gives the "washing machine effect" which clears and cleans the pipe. The double corkscrew is used to remove, for example roots and textiles by allowing them to hook on and wrap around the drain rod so they can be removed when the rods are retracted. These rods come with strong universal connections, compatible with other rods on the market. When using the rods they should always be rotated in a clockwise direction to prevent the sections from unscrewing and being lost down the drain.







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