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Cleaning your AR

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Choosing the best AR cleaning kit is a tough task. We really like the Real Avid rifle cleaning kits and the Otis is a smaller cleaning kit for the AR.

If you want to put your kit together yourself, then you will be spending about double the money but it is fun to do. I have done this a few times thinking that I could save money by avoiding a kit but that’s not usually the case.

I have the Real Avid AR gun cleaning mat and really like the magnetic sides. You can put your tools and gun components in there and they stay right where they are.

The AR-15 gun mats have a diagram of each component on it which is great for beginners who are unfamiliar with their firearms, telling you how to clean each piece.

Keep in mind that while cleaning your AR, it’s a great idea to use a gun vise to secure it. This will help prevent you from damaging the rifling. It’s actually pretty easy to damage the crown and rifling if your AR is not properly secured, which is why a gun vise is almost necessary for cleaning an AR.

One of the best investments you can make with your AR is a good Carbon removal tool like the Combat Application Tools barrel scraping tool. This will save you a lot of time because it can be nearly impossible to fully clean your AR of all carbon buildup.

You shouldn’t need to clean you AR as often as most other guns and often times only require a good cleaning with a bore snake and your favorite tool.

Of course once in a while you’ll want to do a full clean with your kit when you start to see a lot of gunk start building up. In general though the AR is much more less prone to intense cleaning and you shouldn’t be cleaning it very often.







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