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Chimney Cleaning for Different Size, Shape, Situation

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Chimney brushes for every size, shape and situation

You might be asking yourself.. how do I know which type of chimney brush I need ? First, are you trying to clean a rectangle ,round, square opening or does your chimney have multiple bends that will need flexible rods to go through or maybe you want heavy duty rods and brushes for large flue sizes.


When selecting a chimney brush you need to determine if the chimney is metal or cement. If it is a metal pipe chimney, a poly brush that matches the inside diameter of the pipe should be used. Cement chimneys require the wire brushes and should also match the inside diameter of the flue to be cleaned. As far as quality, the 1/4 " homeowner grade brushes and rods are the lower cost alternative to the 3/8" professional grade which is stronger and will last longer. The homeowner grade will get the job done but the professional grade will clean easier and quicker.


Our Poly chimney cleaning brush is available in many sizes, ranging from a 5 inches to a 12 inches round chimney brush. Each chimney brush is manufactured in two different thread sizes: 1/4 inch for the homeowner grade, and 3/8 inch for the professional grade chimney brush. Four feet long chimney rods on which to attach the chimney brush can also be ordered from us, either separately or in a kit. The number of chimney brush rods that will be needed will be based on the length of the chimney. Five feet professional grade chimney brush rods are another option we offer.

Poly and Wire Chimney Brushes and Chimney Cleaning Kits

Poly brushes are great for customers looking to clean metal Wire brushes are used for cleaning masonry or flue tile chimneys and our most popular are our chimney cleaning kits. These kits come with a choice of flexible rods are stronger heavy duty rods.

The chimney brushes and rods we carry are all pro quality and will make the job easy and stand up to heavy use. All of these chimney brushes and rods are easy to use.

Metal Pipe Chimney Cleaning

We have poly chimney brushes and the sweeps all chimney brushes for cleaning solid pipe/pack flues, double or triple wall air insulated chimney pipes and flexible chimney rods that allow the cleaning to be done from the inside of the house without going on the roof. All of these chimney brushes are designed to not scratch the metal surface of the chimney.

Masonry Chimney Cleaning

Our wire chimney brushes should be used to clean all masonry or flue tile applications and can be used from the bottom with our proflex rods or with our heavy duty rods for cleaning the chimney from the top and in our opinion is the best way to remove large and stubborn deposits of creosote. Also, these rods give you more power for moving the brushes back and forth.

All of these brushes and rods are simply attached together to handle any length of chimney. They can be used from the top or bottom of the chimney with our choice of flexible or heavy duty rods.

Chimney Cleaning Kits

We have kits that can be used from the outside or top of the chimney and kits that can be used for the inside or bottom of the chimney.

The outside kits include stronger less flexible rods and a choice of any size brushes to meet the customers needs.

The inside kits are available for cleaning chimneys from the bottom and include the proflex chimney rods for flexiblity and they can also be used on masonry square and rectangle flues with the available adaptor. Feel free to call with any questions.







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