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Anatomy of a Gun Cleaning Kit

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Anatomy of a Gun Cleaning Kit

Bronze Brush – Each kit comes with a number of bronze brushes. The bronze brush is generally used as a first pass down the barrel to remove heavy carbon buildup. When purchasing a kit pay attention to they materials of the brushes. The best brushes are made from high quality bronze.

Nylon Brush – Included in the larger cleaning kits you will find brushes made of nylon. These are designed for the sensitive parts of the gun, where using the bronze brush may not be a good idea. Nylon brushes are designed to reach carved areas and other hard to reach spots.

Cleaning Swab – Used in the same way you would a brush, the cleaning swab or gun mop, is made of cotton and is designed to remove any left over residue in the barrel. Once youve removed all of the buildup, the cleaning swab is great for removing access oil that is in the barrel of your gun.

Cleaning Jag – A cotton cleaning patch is placed in the center of the jag and you are able to get a 360 degree clean with bore surfaces. Most jags are nickel plated or brass, which prevent from scratching the inner barrel. Its very important to make sure all solvent is removed, as it can dry out and cause the metal to rust.

Slotted Patch Holder – Rather than providing a cleaning jag, many kits will include a patch holder which is designed to perform the same function as the cleaning jag. Used for the same purpose as the jag, you put the cotton on the end and it helps to remove access solvent.

Cleaning Patches – Are dipped in your favorite cleaning solvent and then placed on the end of the cleaning jag or in the slotted patch holder. Then you slowly push it through the chambers and bore with a jag. Patches come in a variety of different fabrics and some are thinner than others, so pay attention to the details when you purchase these.

Cotton Swabs – Are a popular choice for detailing all firearms. The long wood handles make them easy to push down a barrel and you can apply more pressure. Gun cleaning cotton swabs usually come with 6wooden handles and cotton tips in packs of 100.

Double-End Brushes – Similar to the brushes that you attach to your cleaning rod, these are toothbrush style brushes that you can use to clean the exterior of your firearms. They come in a variety of different materials, including stainless steel, nylon, and brass.

Cleaning Rods – Possibly the most important tool in your gun cleaning kit, the cleaning rod is used to attach all of the above components. Cleaning rods come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. In our top 5 cleaning rods list, we look at the best cleaning rods and explain what makes them the best.

Cleaning Solvent – This is used to clean, lubricate and protect your firearm, also referred to as CLP. Please refer to our gun cleaning solvent guide to learn how important a good CLP is. Solvents come in a variety of different types and you should familiarize yourself with the different kinds.

Bore Snake – Many people think that only a bore snake kit and some cleaning solvent is all thats required to clean your gun. Not true! Use a boresnake after firing you gun each time for a quick clean. Each bore snake is suited to the particular caliber or you gun.







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