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58PCS Universal Cleaning Gun Cleaning Kit

This 62-piece cleaning kit contains everything you need to need to keep firearms spotlessly clean. Traditional Hoppe's No. 9 Bore Cleaner, Lubricating Oil and full-size brass rod and components keep pistols, rifles, and shotguns clean. All parts are contained in the durable, reusable locking tab carrying case.
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The U.S. Solid Gun Cleaning Kit cleans and maintains rifles, pistols and shotguns from .17-caliber through 12-gauge and has more than 40 firearm-specific cleaning components in its nylon case.

It is suitable for guns with .17cal/ .204cal/ .22cal/ .25cal/ .270cal/ .30cal/ .338cal/ .35cal/ .375cal/ .38cal/ .40cal/ .44cal/ .45cal/ .50cal/ .54cal/ 12GA/ 20GA/ 410GA/ 6mm/ 9mm.

1. It is a universal gun cleaning kit, all-in-one. It can be used to clean all types of rifles, shotguns, and pistol.
2. It is latched in a hard PVC case with handle.
3. The rods and brushes are made of high quality brass.
4. Extra space is reserved for the empty oil bottle used to hold gun-cleaning chemicals.

58PCS Universal Cleaning Gun Cleaning Kit

3pcs Solid brass rods for .17-270 cal rifiles

3pcs Solid brass rods for 30 cal, shotguns and muzzleloaders
14pcs Bronze brushes
9pcs Mops
13pcs Spear pointed plastic jags
4pcs Slotted patch loops
3pcs Utility brushes
3pcs Muzzle guards
3pcs Accessory adaptors for shotgun and muzzleloader

3bags Cleaning patches: 60x70mm







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