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27 Piece – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

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Level: Beginner / Intermediate

One of the only Universal Gun Cleaning Kits to come in a handsome wooden box, this kit is designed mainly for pistols. This is not a heavy-duty kit that is meant for extreme conditions but does have a large variety of brushes for many different calibers.

This is a very impressive kit for the price. The quality of the components are average and there have been complaints mainly with the rods bending and breaking, which is the occurrence that happens often with the less expensive kits. The bronze brushes are durable and are your standard bronze brushes.

A few complaints have been made regarding the box. It is a bit thin and weighs 1.5 pounds and has 1/8” oak. Perhaps a heavier box would have been nice but again you get what you pay for. Overall, a great kit for beginners who need it mainly for .22 caliber as there have been complaints that it doesn’t fit all sizes with only eight brushes.

This universal kit includes 8 bronze brushes and 5 mops for a variety of different calibers.

Calibers include:

3 Brass Rods for: .22 cal and up

Rifle and Pistol Calibers: 45, 40, 357/.38, 30, 270/280, 22

Shotguns Calibers: 10/12, 20/28, 410

5 Cleaning Mops fit: 22-25 cal, 38-.357 cal, .41ga, 28/20ga, 12/10ga


· 8 bronze brushes, 5 cleaning mops, 5 spear pointed jags, 3 brass rods, 3 pistol/rifle rods, 2 slotted patch tips, 1 accessory adapter, and 1 aged oak box.

· Instruction booklet detailing the contents of the kit.


The biggest complaint with this kit is that the cleaning jags are made of plastic and not brass. Many people have said that the rods are too lightweight for leaning shotguns. It seems to be more so designed to clean .22 caliber rifles and hand guns. Many of the parts are made of high quality plastic and not brass or other metal. Also not included in this kit is cleaning lubricant or cotton swabs, which should be purchased separately.







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